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May 21 2011 A 10.8 Massive Earthquake hits USA?Doomsday happened.

Some Home spoof videos That have been made by me show a funny massive Earthquake that hit the USA on may 21 2011, a funny massive 10.8 magnitude earthquake smashed Imaginative USA and we are yet to see the damage.See the video below to know more about the Earthquake, it is a sign of may 21 2011?Has the Doomsday begun? Its Happening now Isn't it?Lets hope not.


The Video is Quite Scary and you can see Birds Flying about to get for cover as well as Cars Crashing and Trees Snapping as well as Books falling down to the Ceiling and Computers falling down, What a terrible sight.

Has the 21 may 2011 Judgement Day happened?

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1 comment:

Anonymous said...

LMAO!! Interesting how the only thing moving in the video is the video camera!! LOL people believe anything on the internet huh?? Massive earthquake but yet nothing on the news?? WOW!

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