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Rebecca Black Pregnant?Real or Fake Photos?Who is the Father?Teenage

Recent Gossip and Reports on May the 15th stated a hilarious comment about Rebecca Black being Pregnant, they believed Rebecca Black was one of those Teenage Pregnancies, but Pregnant at an age of 13 is going overboard even for Teenage Pregnancies.

So are the Rebecca Black Pregnant Photos real or fake?If the Rebecca Black Pregnant Photos are real then what about the Father?Who is he?Is the Father Justin Bieber? Or Zac Efron?Or Jonas Brothers?

Well The reports really did not mention anything about who the Father was, Anyways looks like Rebecca Black is not getting any respite from People irritating her all the time.

Rebecca Black however Confirmed on Twitter that she was indeed not Pregnant and the hilarious gossip was just that, Gossip.

This latest Tweet was just 9 hours ago.Let hope she is not Pregnant.

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SkipHopz said...

if she has nothing to hide why did she disable comments on her Friday video yesterday? there is something going on here

Michelle said...

a few weeks ago, the said that she revealed she was pregnant. strange isn't it?

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