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Osama Bin Laden Conspiracy, Is he or is he not dead? THE TRUTH

Osama Bin Laden is believed to be dead a photo was released of him with bullets in his face, which the USA Government say to be the real body of Osama Bin Laden and that he has finally been taken down and there is no doubt about it.You can see the Osama Bin Laden Photo here.

But many people around the world still believe that the Photo of Osama Bin Laden which is shown to the world is a fake and just a Photoshop product.Some Conspiracy scientists believe that Osama is still very much alive and the body shown in the photo is of one of the many people who had been plastic operated to make them look similar to Bin Laden.

Others say that he is not finished and the USA government is using this as a distraction to cover up the many other issues that need attention.Also people believe Obama has done this to make the voters believe he the right man for the job and so they will reelect him next term.

Many  believed Bin Laden hid, refused to defend his innocence & he hid when he was attacked. 

Can`t blame the Americans for being so ignorant, they actually believe that they are innocent when the USA invades and finishes thousands of civilians.
That is wrong and everyone knows it. But who will stop this, that suck the life out of 3rd world nations in order to boost its failing economy. No one. They are the UN ( an organization that supposedly brings peace)

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