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Joplin Mo Missouri Tornado 2011 End of the World? 2012 2011 Photo and video

The Joplin Tornado seems to be tearing through the fair state of Missouri and people are already saying that this may be related to the End of the World predicted by Harold Camping on May 21 2011 although its two days late coming, I am sure Harold Camping will take credit for predicting the Joplin Mo Tornado of Missouri USA.

The official Death toll in Missouri due to the Joplin Mo Tornado has hit 89 and is a figure that is expected to grow soon as more and more bodies are being found under the wreckage after the path of destruction that the Joplin Tornado of Missouri 2011 has left.

The Safety personnel on the ground have evacuated some areas that were thought of to be hit by Joplin Tornado and are still helping out others that are being affected.

Lets hope that there is not much damage to the Life and Property from the Joplin Tornado of Missouri.

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