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Mike Huckabee will not be running on air in 2012 FOX News Story Real

Fox News Anchor Shocked the world a few days back when he said that Mike Huckabee (Himself) would not be running, that is his news show on FOX News would not be running on air in 2012, with some people believing he might retire in 2011 itself.

It was very dramatic when he said that his News Show would not be on air in 2012, then he says its still 2011 and nothing is finalized.

Then he gave somewhat a lame reason saying that his decision to quit FOX news in 2012 was not a Political or a Practical decision but a Spiritual Decision.I really do not know what he means by that lame excuse, surely something is wrong on the FOX News Set behind the scenes? Surely a fight with the producers? Maybe.

Mike Huckabee said towards the end of his show that the decision he took  was not due to the fact that his family did not support him, it was something more Spiritual.Lame.


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