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Adsense Bought me a Google Nexus S Smart Phone in one month Earnings!

Hey you hear a lot of Adsense Success Stories, well, you can say mine is one too.My Blog slowly began getting good ratings and good quality organic Traffic and finally after a few months started earning a substantial amount from Adsense.

Recently I have also been included into Chitika Premium Publishers and YouTube Partnership Program but am yet to make a good amount of cash from those programs.I Should be a success story that you need to read about and get confidence from, I did not know anything when I started, Even now I feel like I have a lot of work to do.

Now I wanted to share with you guys that My Adsense Earnings Bought me a Google Nexus S Phone, it only fits right to buy a Google Product.

I am loving my new phone, it cost Around 30000 Rs in India, which is equivalent to 700$ in the USA.I hope to buy a Bike with the Adsense Earnings soon.

Have Hope and Continue with your efforts in a clean way and you will succeed.No Doubt about it.
As You can see My Alexa Rank is around 200K which is great for a Blog-spot Blog.

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