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Ken Jeong Interview MR Chow Part Two of Hangover Community and Knocked Up

Ken Jeong, the naked guy jumping out of a car in Hangover,career exploded after the first part of the now series “The Hangover,” in which he protrayed a Chinese Comic gangster Mr. Chow,  That was the humble beginning of The scene that shocked people all over the world as well as made them laugh, but now Ken Jeong is in the big league and the big awards are coming his way, he has truly become a superstar of Hollywood.

Ken Jeong also played a vital role in Knocked up, after which he says he is getting a lot more comic roles and has also become a series regular in a Televisions Series of Comical Communnity College Scenes, called 'Community'.

Ken Jeong says he is nothing like the Characters he Protrays on the Big Screen, he is actually a very down to earth guy who hates taking off his shirt even on the beach.

Ken Jeong Rocks!!

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