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Linked In IPO Soars Pricing Stock Market Rises Wall Street Profit From it

The Stock Market witnessed something really great the last few days in May 2011, The Linked In IPO Shares sky rocketed and increased the Pricing by a lot as well, Economists believe that this is going to affect the Wall Street Stock market but it is yet to be seen how and by what factor it will affect the Wall Street Stock Market.

The Fired up Linked In Stocks gained a shocking 140% and hit a top dollar of 122.5$ yesterday in Wall Street.The Rise in Shares has made quite a few overnight Rich guys, Some of them have sold it at around a 100$ mark of the Stock, but some are holding on to it to make a bigger profit from Wall Street in the coming days.Some of the People we talked to, who own Linked In IPO Stocks, said they expect a 200% gain within the week and then a gradual crash in prices of Linked In Stocks.

One happy man was Rahul Ramesh, who was an Indian who had bought 5000 Shares from his Provident Funds of Linked In IPO Stocks and has made a whopping 500000$ in Two Days! if you convert that to Indian Rupees, you get 2.25 Crores.

Another man who profited was John Henderson of Orange County who made nearly 20000$ from the rise in Prices of Linked in IPO Stocks.

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