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Cockatiel Behavior Funny.Sleeping talking singing mating bathing eating

Lutino cockatiel

These are some of the things that our regular Visitors said about Lutino Cockatiel Behavior Funny.Sleeping talking singing mating bathing eating.

Cockatels are sensitive birdies that do stuff that makes them feel good especially when they sleep,they want the lights off and quiet when they sleep too.

He is so cute! I have not seen my Lutino tuck his talons under his chin like that, but all the other moves I recognize - Yoga wing strech, sleepy tounge extended yawn, vigerous head scratch.

I like this and all videos about lutino cockatiels. We recently lost our 5yr old lutino, and watching all these videos remind me of her. Lutinos are very affectionate birds, take good care of your lutino and in return you're gonna get lots of love back.

This is really amazing.... it's like whistle-talking as one of my "friends' had previously said about things like this. How did he learn it? Birds mostly whistle in the sound of the word, as in Cockatiels. At least the cockatiels I've heard/seen. I have three cockatiels myself, and none of them can do this. Love it!

You nailed it right on the head! This is what makes him special. That and the fact that he has learned "language" with a few of his phrases. I am grateful that someone told me to use my normal voice with no going up in tone ALWAYS, and for my hubby to raise his just a tad. That way he'd use a real voice. It helps.

hanks so much! Sunny is VERY unusual for a cockatiel. But yah, for males, it is possible to learn to talk fairly well and to have some good vocab. I've head others almost as clear. I've not heard anything more clear in a tiel on YT yet though. When I first got him as a baby, I had far too much time on my hands lmao! I spent all day every day with him. I even napped wtih him. It paid off.

They can start to talk at six months of age. But its' not rare for them to go all the way towards a year and not talk. If I remember, I started with sunny when he came home with me ... that was at about 17 weeks of age I think (whats that 4 months?). I only tried to teach him "hi" seriously. Nothing else really. When he started to say hi, then I poured it on. Went all out hard and heavy with teaching him to talk.

Hi! For mine, not really messy. Just make sure with your cage u put plenty of newspaper at the bottom of the cage so when it comes time to change, its really simple. Food wise, i normally buy 1 box of cockatiel food (around $5 AUD) and normally last quite a while (1 month or more). Its not expensive to maintain them basically. Hope that helps....:)

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