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Randy Macho Man Savage dead in a Car crash accident Photos Videos

Randy Macho Man Savage was an idol to all those who watched WWE or WWF as it were, he was one of the best, he was in the golden era of WWF, he was with the likes of Brett Heart Hitman, Hulk Hogan, Etc.He surely was one of the best wrestlers ever to have been seen by the eyes of wrestling fans.

But Yesterday there was a tragic news about the Death of Randy Macho Man Savage after crashing his car into a tree in a high speed collision. Doctors believe that Randy Macho Man Savage may have had a medical episode that made him lose control of his car and crash into the tree at such a high speed.He is survived by his wife, he was only 58 years old when he died, a lot of people are mourning today.

Randy Macho Man Savage made his mark for his huge biceps , weird flashy costumes, and an attitude to go with the Randy Macho Man Savage costumes.He was the World Wrestling Champion for 6 times and that surely makes him one of the greatest.

Photos and Videos of Randy Macho Man Savage Car accident soon.

The Likes of Undertaker, who had faced Randy Macho Man Savage so many times was very sad at the sad demise of Randy Macho Man Savage in a car accident.

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