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Facebook Spam 2011 Taking Over Facebook wall Remove it Delete!!

Facebook has become a spam target and an easy one at that, Facebook used to be a place where I would chat with friends or Look at Photos and Status messages of my friends, but nowadays I spend half my time on Facebook deleting Facebook Spam about how I was tagged in some video or How I found out how many visitors that Visited my Facebook Profile or Some Stupid Facebook game that I never heard of let alone ever play.Its totally annoying I tell you and it is a pain to delete the Spam from My Facebook wall.

I recently got an Anti Spam Software to get rid of this Spam menace.Its the Best Anti Spam Software!

It clearly shows that however brainy you may be but, but when you have the most visited website in the planet coded by a Twenty something Newbie such as Mark Zuckerberg, you are going to have loop holes and Security, Privacy and Spam Problems.

Lets hope Facebook puts a strangle hold on this Spam menace and makes our life simpler, after all Facebook makes us happy.

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