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How the World will end 2012 Scientific proof Conclusive - Truth and Reasons

I have written many posts on 2012, the Mayan Calender, and other Apocalyptic related articles as a reference to people who want to know more about the whole end of the world thing, here I have made some scientific proof for what might and can happen in 2012 or even May 21 2011.These are just Scientific possibilities and I do not say these will happen at any scenario, but it is a big possibility that these Scientific occurring might actually occur at and around the era of Apocalypse 2012.So lets get straight to the Scientific proof of 2012 and May 21 2011.

The Large hadron Particle collider is known to be able to cause the creation of a black hole and thus destroy everything, this is a very small possibility but the scientists are taking the risk and still persuading with the Large hadron collider experiment.This is believed to be the new event that the Mayans were referring to in 2012.

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