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iPhone 5 2011 peoples Talks about the phone personal reviews and interviews

Recently I asked quite a few people about what they would like in the new iPhone 5 and what they actual expect, I also asked them if they had any questions regarding the iPhone 5 that my regular readers could answer-

Phone 5 getting 8 MP camera but not from Sony.

I signed up at as a tester and today I got my iPad2. All you need to do is to tell them your opinion about iPad2 and you can keep it forever, the shop people also gave me a iPhone to use and I fell in love with it, it is just awesome!iPhone 5 going live on 21st November ?

Do you know a boy??
He is “boymillionier” Robert Ney, a schoolboy, 14,eight grader made $287,145 with his stupid app??TWO MILLION downloads of schoolboy's game??I wish I can make an App for the iPhone 5 and become rich like that guy!

An outstanding beauty. It's a gadget to have ♥
Don't mind .. hate this kind of production the iphone 4 came out at least ..recently.. and they're talking bout iphone 5 .. if people buy the iphone 4 they would all be angry when the '5 appear.
You are right but the iphone 4 has lots of faults and apple wants to reverse it.
but isn't it normal, that all new smartphones have faults in the first months?

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