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May 21 Judgement Day End of the World How it will happen? Nibiru

May 21 2011 is predicted to be the judgement day by a lot of people around the world, especially those who are superstitious and believe in ancient predictions and premonitions, the Government of USA has declined any such reports and so has NASA over the past few years.

Well, the main thing behind this is the rumors that the Universal finisher, a Rogue Planet that has been pulled by the gravitational force of the Sun and Jupiter is rolling the Strange Planet Nibiru towards earth in a deadly spin and bullet speed.The Planet is capable of utter destruction and will probably wipe out the living signs of earth within a few seconds after impact, whether this will happen or not is another issue and is widely discussed in many scientific congregations.

One thing for sure is that the Universe is never safe and is constantly changing, for better or for worse and there is nothing we can do to prevent the universe from doing its thing.

May be we can pull of a Ben Affleck Armageddon! Hopefully!

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