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End of the world 21st may 2011 earthquake tsunami volcano asteroid 2012

I asked quite a few people what they think of End of the world 21st may 2011 earthquake tsunami volcano asteroid 2012 ideas, here is what they said -

"Individually, we are one drop. Together, we are an ocean."

Do u believe????I don't:)).Science is above all not religion

The vast possibilities of our great future will become realities only if we make ourselves responsible for that future.

USA lost many lives on 9-11-01 and now Japan has lost more lives on 3-10-11. Add the 2 dates together and you get 12-21-12. OH MY GOD! This is a wake up call!


1604 last supernova in our galaxy, Betelguese is possibly the next-due anytime soon, recently, media stories have arisen, predicting the observed demise of the star in 2012...very interesting along with other predictions Mayan calendar ends, Nostradamus..............ummmmmmmmmm??????

Their wont be a 2012 if the way the earth is atm

The end of the world is coming...and this is how I know...we have exhasted our profanities...not even the f-bomb is shocking to most folks..where do we go from here? no one has made up a new one in the history of the world. and now, in 2011, we have come to the end of all swear words...

It happening.....!! end of the world is near.

2012. Next years! Whats happen? When "the time tunnel" has been created?,maybe we can see something, and make a preventive for probability bad time. But no time tunnel, just guest, just think, maybe thats like Y2K! but, if the maya's true, we will need to much air supply to keep leaving on this earth!

2012? What huh?

12.12.12. is not the end, it will be a brand new start, the world as we know it will change for the good and people will start to respect our planet.

Alright you guys are dumb.Dothings going to happen 2012, nothings going to happen 2026. seriously. You Are believeing one guy that guesses when the world will end.Did the world end in 2000?NO

What Do you guys think?

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CiNZ said...

the loss of people in the USA on 9-11-01 wasn't a natural disaster. Why do you give such importance. There is not only USA in the whole world and there are much more disasters. If we keep summing the dates, the end of the world could be anytime

Gautham A S said...

The end of the world need not be caused only by natural disasters....

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