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Top 5 Zac Efron Movies In Hollywood and Musicals.

Some people say Zac Efron acts only in Musicals such as High School Musical and Hairspray but recently he has also performed some intense roles as well, so we have it give it up for the heart throb of many people around the world for the cool acting and Great charming looks Of Zac Efron.

I have dedicated this post to give you Zac Efron Fans, the best movies that he has acted in.

Top 5 Zac Efron Movies In Hollywood-
 Zac Efron Vanessa Hudgens 
1)17 Again

2)High School Musical Series

3)Charlie St.Cloud

4)Me and Orson Wells


Hope you Zac Efron fans have watched this and enjoyed these movies, so please comment.

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