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Top 5 Best comedians Ever in Hollywood and Soaps like Friends

We have all been influenced by some of the most influential Comedians and Jokers from history of Hollywood and Soaps on television screen, they have made us laugh more times than we can count, they have given us some of the best moments of our lives with friends and family and we have utterly enjoyed their Comedies and Jokes with dull wit or sarcasm, so here I dedicate this post to those Best Top 5 Comedians and Jokers.

Top 5 Best comedians Ever in Hollywood-

1)Matt Le Blanc - Joey Tribbiani - Friends

2)Adam Sandler - Movie Star

3)Matthew Perry - Chandler - Friends

4)Danny Devito - Movie Star

5)Jerry Seinfeld - Movie and Seinfeld Star.

These are the best comedians, If you get someone else in mind, please leave a comment.

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