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Tips for Cleaning and Maintaining Spectacles Glasses and Contact Lens

Have a short sight or a long sight can be irritating as you cannot see properly without visual aid such as Glasses, Spectacles or Contact Lenses.But I tell you, Getting spectacles or Contact lenses does not mean you are nerdy or anything.So now that you have Glasses and Spectacles or Contact Lenses, How to maintain them and Clean them and how to take care of them properly? So I will give you some tips on that here - You can find other Spectacle related stuff.

Tips for Cleaning and Maintaining Spectacles Glasses and Contact Lens -

1)Be aware when you are wearing Spectacles Glasses and Contact Lens as you do not want to get any scratches on to them at all costs.If you do, the vision will not b good through those Spectacles Glasses and Contact Lens.

2)Use clean water to wipe of the dirt or dust particles that may have settled on Spectacles Glasses and use the given solution for Contact Lenses.

3)When not in use, always keep your Spectacles Glasses and Contact Lens in their respective boxes.

4)Do not ever touch the glass with your hands, this may lead to infections of the eye.

Hope these basic tips helped, You can learn more on Colored Contact Lens.

If you want to get rid of Glasses and Lens permanently, then LASIK.

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