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Zac Efron and Rebecca Black would make a good couple? 2011 Relations

Rebecca Black 'Friday' video is the most viewed video in the last month or so, so she is extremely famous.And of course there is Zac Efron.Who is the hunk for all the teenage girls in the world!He is the biggest heart throb for all of them.So would these two famous stars be a good couple together?We think not!

Rebecca Black has had popularity, but as you all know, its not the right kind. But Zac makes the news for all the good reasons and of course everyone loves him.

Rebecca Black would be better off with some one who is not famous as her, lets so In fame may affect other stars if they decide to date her.

Rebecca Black can be a good singer, but she needs a lot of Practice and a good tutor as well as better song writers the next time around, that is if there is a next time.

Lets watch the famous video once -

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