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Nicolas Cage Arrested and has 80 mortgage debts loans to pay 14 Million $

The The National Treasurer star has been going through some tough times recently in 2011.Nicolas Cage has gotten into trouble with the law after an altercation near his house, apparently he was drunk and even taunted the Policemen to Arrest him.Well if he did that, he had it coming.

This has not been the only altercation that he has landed in, he also had an altercation with some public dude even when his wife was around.So he has a history of doing such stuff, so he deserved what was coming.

Nicolas Cage also is in trouble in other ways, he reportedly owes the IRS 14 million $ in unpaid taxes, now where is he going to get that kind of money from?He sure is not getting any new movies.May be he should stop paying for his Hair Transplant.

Nicolas Cage's Asian wife says she wont press charges for what he had done.Cage also owes over 80 mortgages.Sad story for this once highly paid, in demand actor.

How things change so quickly, Right?

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