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Gossip Girl - Blair Waldorf Engaged to Dan Humphrey or Chuck Bass??

Gossip Girl season 4 is surely going to have a big ending as some real big twists are planned for the CBS big hit.
The Biggest surprise is the new story line of Blair Waldorf and Dan Humphrey love story, News is that they may get engaged at the end of the season?Who writes this stuff anyways?

The story Line mainly follows Blair Waldorf being in a Love Rectangle with the Prince, Dan Humphrey and the Dark Knight, Chuck Bass by the end of the Season.

The rumors circulating around Hollywood is that Blair Waldorf will get engaged to one of the three more than just able, Bachelors of the Gossip Girl Show.

Who do you think it is going to be?Dan?Chuck?Prince?

I personally think it will be Chuck Bass as the story writers would not dare to separate Chuck and Blair.

Watch it.
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