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What is a Blog and Uses and Advantages of Blogger Blogs!

What is a Blog?
Author Gautham A S

A blog is like a part of a website, in which you can post anything such as your views on certain topics or your life. Blogs are usually maintained by users who regularly update it with new posts. Blogs ae usually a hobby, about 50% of the people do not try to make money from it, but you can make money. Making money from blogs is easy if you follow everything here. Blogs are the easiest way to make money from home.

All you need to do is to go to a site like Blogger, where you can     sign up to create a blog for free. There are ready made templates to choose from and its very easy to construct your blog without any technical knowledge.

Once you have constructed your blog, are regularly updating it and get a fair amount of traffic you can apply for Adsense, adbrite or chitika etc...

It works just like a website, once one of your viewers click on your ads you will get a part of the revenue given by the advertiser. It's very simple actually.

You can advertise about your blog both online and offline to get more readers.

You can also use social networking sites such as facebook to get more readers.

You can even advertize your company or business on your blogs, you can get opinions of about your company using a blog.

You can also strengthen the relationship with your already existing customers.

You can start a series of a story which can enthrall audiences to return to your blog to read the next sequence, which creates more traffic and which can easily be monetized.

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