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Advantages of Watching TV for Children and Adults - Television

The Good

Television Builds intelligence:

Watching sophisticated shows and soaps will only develop the mind and open up new ways of thinking. It also equips one to be better at social interactions, very important for those who shy away from social interactions!

Gain Knowledge:

Watching television makes one more aware of different people and places and thier cultures and traditions. One can learn about pretty much everything on the planet through channels like Discovery. This is one of the most important uses of television.


Television most definitely gives one of the joys of life, laughter. You probably heard the saying laughter is the best medicine! It most definitely is.
There have been many instances of miracle curing of certain ailments through laughter, laughter relaxes the muscles in our face. Laughter can give us some relaxation from our busy lives.


There are many television channels that offer shows on health, yoga, gymnastics, work out routines, aerobics etc..which can revitalize the mind and soul and make a better person.

Family Bonding:

How many times do you remember watching your  favorite movie with you family? Were those not amazing moments you cherished?
In this busy day and age a family can bond more over a simple movie coming on a channel. Is it not great?

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