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Tooth Sensitivity Cure, Prevent and Tooth Paste for Sensitivity Gums!

Tooth Sensitivity can be very painful, I Have been through several spells where I had immense Tooth Sensitivity pains and I had to go to a doctor for reducing the pain.

Since then I have been practicing good Oral health and Flossing techniques everyday to avoid Those painful Tooth Sensitivity times.

So here I will tell you some of the Things I did to reduce Tooth Sensitivity Pains-

1)Brush once in the morning and Once in the Night before sleeping everyday with Sensitive tooth and gums Tooth Paste like Colgate Sensitive.

2)Floss everyday to remove any tit bits of food stuck between my teeth to reduce chances of Bacteria growing there.

3)Get a dental check up every 6 months to see if the Sensitive Tooth problem is getting better or worse and to learn about what steps to take next.

4)Use good quality mouth wash.

5)Eat less of Sugars and Chocolate,Also eat less of Cold Stuff.

So these things helped me out, try them.

Facts about Sensitive teeth and Gums that you have to know about -


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