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Taylor Swift Dinner with Garret Hedlund Tron Hero In Nashville

Taylor Swift may have fueled new gossip about her relationship status after she dined with Garret Hedlund in a High Profile Hotel in Nashville recently, How the Paparazzi got their hands on this piece of news, we will never know as it was a low profile evening in Nashville, which is incidentally where Miley Cyrus originates from. Taylor Swift is known to be recording in Nashville for her upcoming Album and Songs.

The sighting of Taylor Swift and Garret Hedlund is the first time for the Paparazzi as the were caught by surprise when they saw these two together.

Taylor Swift has been known for her Love songs and songs about how bad her exes were and hence many were thinking Boys would be afraid to date her, but this reputation certainly has not stopped her as She has already dated Jake Gyllenhaal, John Mayer and Girly boy Joe Jonas as well as the Hunk Taylor Lautner from the Twilight series.

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