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90210 Please Bring Back Ethan Dustin Mulligan

We all love to watch 90210 but one thing that hit us fans hard was the exclusion of Ethan Ward from the second season of 90210 but now he has not come back even in the third season of 90210, all us fans can do is make a petition to the Producers of 90210 to bring back Ethan Ward who is portrayed by Dustin Mulligan, who is a Canadian Model and Actor.

We can get the petition across to the Producers if we get about 10000 people to ask for his return, so please leave a comment and send an e-mail to asking for Ethans return to 90210 and once get a good number of e-mails, we will send it across to the 90210 producers to try to get him back!

Tell your Friends and spread the rumor to tell your Friends and family to Comment here and E-mail us so that we get a great amount of people for this petition!

Go 90210!!

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