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Nike Or Adidas - The best Football soccer Studs or spikes or Shoes.

Nike Or Adidas? Why not Reebok?Why not Puma?

When you look to buy cleats or shoes or studs for football/soccer, you always think first about Nike or Adidas, well that is because these two high profile brands are the best in the world for Football Cleats or Studs.

You would have noticed that most Footballers or Soccer Players will be wearing Nike T90, Mercurial Vapors or Adidas F50 like Lionel Messi or Adidas Predator Like Frank Lampard.

Nike is also the Brand for Manchester United Jerseys and Adidas is the Brand for Chelsea FC jerseys.
So you can imagine which are the best sport companies.

So is a Nike Football studs better or Adidas?

I feel Nike is better for fleet footed and nimble skill players as the Nike Mercurial Vapors would suit them the best.The Nike Mercurial Vapors are very lite, wraps around your foot nicely and I have had best experiences on the Football Field with a Nike.

Adidas is more for the Passer rather than the dribbler.With slightly heavier boots, it gives for a good range of passing and shooting rather than fast running.

But it is finally a personal choice and what feels right for your foot. Remember a Football shoe branded by huge companies can only add to your natural talent, which is more important.

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