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Kobe Bryant Nike Ad - The Black Mamba HD by Robert Rodriguez Movie

Kobe Bryant Plays The Black Mamba in "The Black mamba " Movie directed by Robert Rodriguez, Its actually a Nike Ad and not an actual movie.Kobe Bryant shows that he has skills not only as Basketball Player but also a great actor.I really loved his Acting, he looks professional.

In this 4 minute video clip, Kobe Bryant plays "The Black Mamba" and fights against Mickey Rourke who plays the crippler.Then He meets the master Slave, Who is portrayed by Bruce Willis.I bet you are thinking this is some mega superstar showdown clip, well it is exactly that. Then Kobe Bryant is Collected by "The Boss" who is portrayed by another huge star, Kanye West.

The end of the Kobe Bryant video, He plays basketball against Kanye West and dishes out some of his top draw moves and wins, Then Kanye West is not so happy.

The Black Mamba Will return - Nike Basketball.

Nike Sure come out with the greatest ads.

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1 comment:

Ronny said...

that's not mickey rourke. ;)
that's danny trejo. you may know him from severeal rodriguez movies. he plays the namegiving main character in "machete"

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