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Jose Mourinho Could Get Cristiano Ronaldo and join Chelsea FC 2011 2012

Jose Mourinho May be returning to Chelsea next season that is 2011 - 2012 season back to the English Premier League.Many rumors have been going around the internet that he will be back especially after the poor showing by  Chelsea FC this season.Let us hope he will come back as that is what us Chelsea Fans and the Chelsea Players have been wanting ever since Our morale and determination went South.

With many players rumored to have asked Roman Abramovic to get Jose Back to Chelsea, the club owner is definitely under pressure to get back his arch, rival shall we say?Well they certainly did not end on a good note.

Check out Jose Mourinho Coming Back To Chelsea? For More.There is also a Video there of Chelsea News discussing this topic.

The latest news going around like wild fire is that Jose might bring with him, arguable the best player in the world Cristiano Ronaldo. If that happens then Chelsea Can be the unstoppable force they once were like in the 2006-2007 season.

Lets hope so as we definitely need these two.

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Anonymous said...

I believe It's a fair comment, that most Chelsea fan's will welcome back Jose. In fact I firmly believe that without Jose Mourinho Chelsea will not progress as a club. Many journalist use there influence, by claiming Jose a favourite to manage Liverpool or Manchester united as they hate speaking of a Jose return to Chelsea because they love the idea of Chelsea F.C falling behind Manchester united every season and getting knocked out at the semi-finals of the UCL each year. Roman Abramovich needs to get Mourinho back or Chelsea, as no other manager will do. Mr Lipman I Believe that the Chelsea players want Mourinho back as manager.

Anonymous said...

I want Jose back to Chelsea fc as a manager otherwise chelsea would surely not progress.

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