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IPL news - Get Sachin Tendulkar Back to India T20 Squad After 100* in IPL

Sachin Tendulkar has been the greatest batsmen ever for India and whole world ever, there is absolutely no doubt about it, no one can argue with that fact. He is treated as God in India by the Fans and his fellow Players but one thing we fans of Sachin do not understand is why he does not play T20 for India and only plays for Mumbai Indians team in IPL.

By the way what are you doing sitting and reading this while IPL match is on?Go watch it.LOL

Ok so back to the topic, Sachin is absolutely in the form of his life even at the age of 37, he just hit a 100* yesterday for Mumbai Indians and if he can do that, why should he not play for India? This is I do not understand, I wish he plays for India at least in the next T20 World cup of cricket so that he can get that crown as well to add to his illustrious career!

Go Sachin!

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