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How Twitter can increase Traffic to your blog or Website by ten fold.

Twitter is a  social networking site like Facebook and Myspace and is an excellent tool for Bloggers and Website owners to get a lot of targeted traffic from people around the world.Twitter will get you more visits and traffic than Facebook, if you ask me.

There are two types of Traffic from Twitter, I will give a detailed information on both the ways, and I will tell first itself that both are going to be tough to achieve.

1)Tweet a lot of good Quality Articles and Tit-bits and gather followers over time, you can do this by making sure each of your tweets are of good quality and also you can get more followers by using Twiends or other such  websites.You can also get followers by getting listed in the Sponsored users list in Twitter.But the best way is to build followers by good tweets that make sense to the common man, but be a little complicated as well.

This will ensure a regular visitor base for each and every article that you write.Imagine you build up a Good Follower base of 2000 followers, then when you tweet your latest post, you are making to available and visible to 2000 people.Well, you get my point.

But this method takes a long time to achieve and you may get frustrated in the middle, but keep persevering..


2)Get Retweeted by a Celebrity - This is the quicker of the two ways and is equally as tough as the first one.For this you need to catch the attention of a celebrity with some good words and catchy phrases and then you need your article or blog post to be appealing to the celebrity, then you need to hope that they like it enough to Retweet it.
In this case you are depending on a lot of luck.So I prefer the first option rather than the second.

Hope it helped.

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