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How to get Loyal Visitors and Viewers to your blog or website?

A blog or websites true popularity is proven by the number of Loyal Visitors who check out each and every Post you put, or article that you write.They return many times to check out the new stuff on your website, They interact with you and the other Visitors of your blog.If you ask me, I would say these type of visitors are the best type of visitors to have.I am lucky to have so many loyal readers for this blog.I hope that number will increase in the future.

So first of all, to get Loyal readers to your Blog or website, you need to make sure you put up regularly consistent quality content that people will be interested in reading.

You need to make the visitors your friends, You need to treat each individual differently, reply to their questions and Comments in a unique way and thank them for sharing their views.

You need to use some humor to make them feel comfortable in your blog or website, make silly jokes about whatever you are writing about and get them laughing, they will remember your Website or Blog.

Have a gossip or Interaction section (Which I have in my other blog, yet to set up here), This will ensure some       spontaneousness about your blog and they would return just for that Gossip or Interaction Space of your Blog or website.

Share your personal life, at least to an extent, If you see my blog, I have many posts about my life, my experiences as well as photos of all my Pet Birds. People have given me good reviews about my birds,They actually love those cute little things, all furry.

Ask for their stories and Personal experiences,  This makes them feel wanted and people like places where they are wanted.They will surely return.

So I hope this Blog post helped you budding Bloggers and website owners.I wish I knew these stuff when I started Blogging.

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