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How to take Good Photos from a Shaky Camera Phone?

When there is something special that occurs spontaneously, its not your 12 mega pixel or an SLR that you will have in your hand, but it will be a Camera Phone or a Mobile Phone with a decent camera, may be anywhere between 2 MP to 5MP for the average Mobile Or Cell Phone user in the USA.

So you really need to use that Camera Phone to good use and take great photos with what you have got rather than mull over the fact that you do not have your HD Camera.

So here are some Tips to take Good Photos from a Shaky Camera Phone -

1)Get a Steady Base, Horizontal Surface, If nothing else is available you can use your Palm or your thigh.

2)Switch on the Flash.Most Camera Phones come with Xenon Flash now a days and hence turn it on as it will greatly improve the picture quality.

3)Make sure you have enough storage space in your Camera Phone. You Do not want to have an excellent moment and take a photo to find that you do not have enough storage to save it.

4)Clean the lens of the Camera often to ensure no smudging has occurred.

5)Take Your time, never rush or you might blur the Photo beyond recognition.

6)Shoot away from the light source.This will make sure you do not get any bright patches on the Photo.

Hope it helped.

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