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How to Pick the Best Wedding Dress and Gowns for Brides on Big Day!

The day of your marriage can be the best day of your life, it is the day you have been dreaming about ever since your were a  small girl.You want everything to be perfect right?So Here I will tell you some tips so you can make everything perfect, especially your Wedding Dress or Wedding Gown.

So, How to Pick the Best Wedding Dress and Gowns for Brides on  Big Day?

1)Look at the options available in at least three different shops if you are going for a ready made Wedding Dress or Gown.

2)Go to the most reputed Outlet if you want to go for a Custom wedding gown, many Celebs Designers also make  custom made Wedding gowns, but they will always be a little overpriced.

3)Always go for white, it is just Soothing and adds that calm look to the whole beautiful ceremony!

4)Make sure your Dress is better than your Brides Maids dresses, you do not want to be over shadowed on your big day of marriage.

5)Make sure you chose exactly what you wanted and not what someone else wanted, you do not want to regret it later.

6)Make sure you have a good facial and Make up by experts to suit your wonderful Dress.

Good Luck and wish you a long and happy Marriage.May you grow old with your Husband!

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