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Fashion Tips For Short men to look taller by 3 inches! Easy taller Tips!

Fashion Tips For Short Men:Follow the Fashion tips for Short men given below and you will be able to look 3 to 4 inches taller than you actually are, it is all visual perception.

1) A really good shirt can draw the attention towards your face. Your neck measurement for the shirt must be perfect. The Whole measure of the shirt must fit your body, you do not want to look too small to fill your clothes! If you wear well fitted shirts you look much bigger. This is vital fashion for short men.Even Simon Cowell Uses this tactic to look taller than he actually is!

2)Wear V neck Shirt rather than crew neck: This adds illusion of height! This is vital fashion for short men.
Simon uses this too!
3)Avoid thick clothes: You should not be overwhelmed by them!This is vital fashion for short men.

4)Don't Allow you pants to meet the ground: If you do, you will draw the eye towads your short stature.This is vital fashion for short men.

5)Wear the same colour pant and shirt: Wearing the same colour gives an impression of added height.This is vital fashion for short men.

6)Avoid Horizontal lines: Horizontal lines such as belts or socks under your trousers can a have a negetive effect towards your height!

So just follow these steps and you will look taller, get some taller shoes and you will be gigantic.

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