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How to become the next Mark Zuckerberg and a billionaire

You must have heard the story of how Mark Zuckerberg became the youngest CEO and billionaire in the world through his website - Facebook - formerly called as - The Facebook - He was a brilliant guy studying in Stanford, which would be a dream for anyone who would want to pursue college.But he dropped out and made his own path towards destiny, he made Facebook.

So do you want to be like Mark Zuckerberg? Here is where to start.

1)Make good friends online who have great websites that are extremely popular, this will be helpful to get your website some popularity.You can use Facebook and twitter to get these Web master friends.

2)You gotta have rich Friends who are willing to invest for you and trust in you.

3)You need a new idea, fresh and something no one else has thought about, like Facebook.

4)You need an idea that can be monetized easily.

5)You need to know how to SEO and SERP.

If you have these stuff, then you are on your way!

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