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Acting Auditions Tips - How to do well? No Stage Fright

My fellow aspiring actors, this article or post is for you guys, I have had several experiences with my friends who gave to big Movie or Drama auditions and mess it up due to stage fright and other issues, so I wanted to help people aspiring to be Actors to overcome this fear and become better actors as much as possible, as if you have stage fright, you can never reach your potential as a great actor.

So here are some things you do to do well in Acting Auditions -

1) Practice in front of a mirror as much as you can.

2)Practice in front of your Parents and Friends and Family to get rid of stage fright.

3)Look good, do not be shabby during the audition.

4)Impress the judges with your uniqueness.

5)Smooth talk influential people into helping you get bigger in the field.

6)Attend Acting Classes.

7)Do a lot of small time plays or dramas before going big.

8) Develope multiple skills like dancing and Singing as well.

If you do these stuff, you should be alright! So good Luck!

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