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Volkswagen Beetle New 2012 Design Review Price Specifications USA INDIA

The Germany car making giant Volkswagen has come up with the latest edition of their hit line of cars, the Volkswagen Beetle 2012.The car is nick named as "The Black Beetle" after taking its design and looks from the Black Beetle of Rain forests.The new Beetle is praised by many to be the best Beetle ever as it has taken a step back in terms of design and looks more like the Original Beetle.This new 2012 Beetle released by Volkswagen has a wider and longer body than its predecessors.

The Volkswagen engineers seem to have made some final tweaks to the design as the Beetle Spy camera Photos that we have seen did not match completely the Design of the Beetle released in 2012.

The German production car boasts seating for four, althoug one more can be squeezed in at the back seat,the back seat of the new Beetle can be folded, so that we are able to keep more cargo and luggage bags.In Europe, Volkswagen has given the buyers a choice, they have choice of 3 engines that vary quite differently and fare differently on the road as well.The Engines include an efficient 1.2-liter gasoline engine,a 2.0-liter turbocharged engine for more power and finally a 1.6-liter turbo diesel.So while buying the Volkswagen Beetle 2012, you will be needing to make a lot of choices.

The new Beetle will showcase its design and features as well as its looks at the Shanghai Motor Show and New York Auto Show

Volkswagen Beetle -

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