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Teach a Cockatiel to talk and other Simple Tricks Quickly

Cockatiels are not knows for their talking, rather they are known for their ability to whistle tunes repeatedly.Cockatiels are the best birds for whistling and cuddling, they cuddle so well.So you want to teach your cockatiel to talk? then buy a male as females are often very quiet and do not even whistle so if you want a singing talking cockatiel, then go for a Male cockatiel.

Cockatiels can learn simple tricks and do silly tricks on their own, they can learn to wave, shake hands, bob their head, whistle on cue, step up, fly to you and so many other simple tricks.To teach a cockatiel simple tricks you need to put in a good amount of time to repeatedly make them learn what you want to teach.Also evening time away from their cage would be the best conditions to teach a Cockatiel Simple Tricks

Cocktaiel Tricks video =

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