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Samsung Galaxy Tab Put in some adverse conditions - Survives.

In This video the employees of Manikowski Worldwide visit the Sahara Desert, Happily I might add as they know they can depend on the Samsung Galaxy Tab whatever may be the conditions. It is 124 degrees in the shade and a whole lot hotter in out of the shade and into the desert. That's some high temperature alright! Well Fortunately or Luckily for them they have brought the Galaxy tab again with them, as I mentioned before. Watch how scorpions, Coyotes,Desert Mirages, cactus and extreme boiling heat are no match for the Samsung Galaxy Tab.

The Galaxy Tab will be used by everyone mostly indoors and with a lot of care, do not know what made Samsung Make this video as no one is ever going to use it in such conditions.But it goes to show that the gentle Technology of the Samsung Galaxy Tab can take a lot more than a hot day to breakdown and stop working.

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