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IPL - Yuvraj Singh did his part with sixes, now its Sehwag's turn.

We just saw Yuvraj Singh Smash 3 sixes of the last three balls, I am sire Pune warriors would have reached 200 easily if Yuvraj had got more strike towards the end, The other batsmen really did not help him out.You can watch IPL Live on Youtube.

Yuvraj Singh as we said in the preview was favorite to score a half century today against Delhi, we are expecting a similar result of half century from Delhi hero and captain Virender Sehwag.

Pune need to be very careful as Delhi have an excellent Batting line up and they bat right down to number 8, So they have the ability to chase down any score put up by the opposition.

I am hoping for a Brilliant game and I feel all the people in Indian watching IPL 4 now will feel that the game will go right down to the wire as well.

Next match today is Kolkata Knight Riders match to prove themselves.

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