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IPL 4 - Pune Vs Delhi Thrilling Game But what was Sehwag Thinking?

Well we are having one of those games are we not? The IPL never seems to stop amazing me even after watching every game for the last four seasons.That is probably why IPL has become so successful and famous around the world.

Today's game has been one of the best of IPL 4 so far, what an entertainer we have on our hands, Pune Vs Delhi, both teams were on 98/2 after the first ten overs.

The game looked like Delhi's a few overs back when Sehwag and Warner were going all guns blazing and smashing their way to over 60 runs in the first 6 overs.But now with Sehwag, Warner and the pinch hitter Irfan Pathan gone, the match looks like it has turned towards the Pune team.

But what was Sehwag thinking?
He sent in Irfan Pathan as a pinch hitter when they were already going at over 10 runs an over, more than what they needed.Pathan should have been saved for the last 4 overs where they would probably need some 40 or 50 runs, he could have been more use there than here.

But looks Like Yuvrajs Three sixes of last three balls might win the game for Pune tonight.

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