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How to pay Taxes for Adsense Earnings in India? Adsense India

A lot of Adsense Publishers in India are asking the same question, How to Pay taxes for Adsense Earnings In India?When you fill out your Tax forms, You have a box on the options list which says "Income from other Sources" So, you need to Tick that box and show your earnings and pay taxes.

Taxes for Adsense are applicable in India.For USA citizens Adsense automatically asks for the Tax Information and Deducts the taxes before sending out the Cheques.

But here in India, Adsense does not Ask for Tax Information and hence you need to submit Your Tax Files for Adsense earnings and pay in the Indian Tax offices only.

Earnings from Adsense is considered as Income Taxable Earnings and hence arises the need to pay taxes to the Government of India.

But you can reduce the taxes by showing expenses such as Internet, Modem Charges, Hosting Charges etc.

If you are earning  a six figure salary from Adsense each year, then you had better contact a Tax expert as It is a very high amount.

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