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How to hide cover up thinning hair? hair Loss and hair fall tips.

Thinning hair can be a very anxious and stress causing times, often this stress causes even more Hair thinning and hair loss.So you want to cover up thinning hair?Let me give you some tips on that.I do not know why you would want to take so much trouble and cover up something that people are eventually going to see.So there is no point in covering it up, If i were you i would have shaved it and built muscles and look cool in that new Avatar.

But, here are some tips  - How to hide cover up thinning hair? hair Loss and hair fall tips -

1)Wear a skull cap, this is way too cool if you ask me.Skull caps come in various types and colors, they have become a type of Fashion these days.Justin Timberlake can be seen sporting a Skull cap often.

2)Wear a Hat - Not as fashionable as a Skull cap though.

3)Get a Hair Transplant - Always consult a doctor before taking this step as it may  lead to some other complications.

4)Get a Clip on Wig- These days you get Wigs that do not fall off, they are clip on types.

5)Shave Your head! Best solution if you ask me.

Hope it helped.

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