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How to get Celebrities to Tweet you or Follow You - Twitter Tips!

Twitter is an addictive social networking site where people can discuss various latest topics going around the web as well as the latest news and facts.But most people now a days use Twitter to get daily updates from their favorite celebrities and Super stars.These Stars usually have thousands if not millions of followers.Every single one of their tweets are read and digested thoroughly.

So how can you get a Celebrity Super star to Tweet you or even Follow you?

Celebrities usually do not reply to the fans tweets as they feel if they tweet one fan, all will expect to be tweeted.So when you have thousands of fans, that becomes a little difficult.So what should you do to get a celebrity to tweet or Follow you on Twitter?

Start Small and Tweet Sense.Start with some of your local celebs or smaller celebs like the silver screen ones, If you directly tweet Justin Bieber, he may not reply.Build a good follower base and show the celebs that you are pretty Famous yourself! This will surely help you.

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Another way to get Celebrity followers or Tweets is to tweet something that other fans, the usual fans do not, give constructive criticism and not just the ever famous " I am your biggest fan" routine, You know how many of such tweets celebs get in a day?A LOT!

So tweet something different that relates to the Celebrity you are tweeting.They may just follow you or tweet back at you if they like it.If any celebs tweet you, you can expect to get a surge of followers, as the fans follow those that matter to the Celebrity as well.

Hope these Twitter tips helped.Follow Us.

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