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Height Is just an Attribute and You have more important things in Life!

Height can become one of the most important aspects to a person, if he or she has a lack of height! This is a true fact, The most people who are nervous of their height are those in the 5 feet 8 inches to 5 feet 10 inches height range.Remember Height is just an attribute!

This is a forum type page where men and women can leave comments about how how their height was a disadvantage, or how their height caused them insult or any other grievance.

Please feel free to post your experiences and share with others who had the same height experience, ask others to help you out to know how to deal with your height issues!

For all things Height Check out Height Issues

Height is just an attribute!
So go ahead and share your height, height related experiences.

Height is not the only thing in the world that matters, look at your positives and be happy!

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