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Google Story - From a Small unwanted company to The world.

Google was just a small unwanted company in Silicon Valley just 15 years ago, when the internet did not have a search engine.

When the Google founder Larry Page offered the Google Company to a Wealthy silicon Valley business man for 1 Million $ in 1997, he said the company would never do anything great in the future and would run through heavy losses due its "unmarketable Search idea".

Back Then he did not know that you could monetize the search results using Ads that were relevant to the Search keywords.Who can blame him? At that time the sum of 1 million $ was huge and he felt it was overpriced.May be it was, at that time.At that time I do not think even Sergey and Larry Page knew the actual worth of Google and its potential future to rule the Internet.

Many other companies as the likes of Yahoo and Bing have tried to overthrow Google as the king of the internet, but they were haplessly far away from doing so.

The guy who rejected Google for 1 Million $ must be feeling pretty stupid right about now, well actually he has been feeling stupid for the last 10 years as each year the value of Google has increased exponentially.

1 Million $ could have earned him over 600 Billion $ a year, If only.But is a good thing for us that he did not buy it, imagine what could have happened to Google if it had changed hands?We might have had a different feel to the internet as we know it.

So Sergey and Larry thought of the idea of Google they surely must have thought of it as a part time job earning some extra money, soon all that changed.Once they realized the infinite potential of Google, they were ready to finance the company by taking heavy loans as they knew they would earn a hundred fold.

It takes brave decisions like that to do something great in life, Like Google, Like Facebook.Will you be the next big thing on the internet?Give it a shot.

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