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Fashion For really tall men and women over 6 feet 5 inches

Fashion is for everyone, it should not be restricted by height, weight or physical appearance as such, so you should not be worried if you are really tall and want to look fashionable but you are scared, so here I will give you some tips to be more Fashionable even if you are towering over 6 feet and 5 inches or even more in height!

So here are the Fashion tips for tall people -

1)Do not wear baggy clothes or Skin tight clothes, for your height you need to wear perfect fit clothes.

2)Do not wear Cow boy boots, they overemphasize your height.

3)Wear horizontal stripes, you are lucky being tall, as you can easily pull off horizontal stripes.

4)Never wear a hat as that will add few more inches making you look near 7 feet!

5)Work out - Tall people with good body can pull off any fashion!

Hope it helped.

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