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Cristiano Ronaldo Nike Superfly football boots Interview + Review HD

Cristiano Ronaldo has been Nike's foremost ambassador around the world and not only in Europe.This guy has huge influence on young and budding footballers around the world, even in Asian and African Countries.People worship this guy and he delivers magic on the Football/Soccer Pitch.He is god when it comes to dribbling and skill and you can safely say that only Lionel Messi is in his league.

So what Shoes does Cristiano Ronaldo use to play football?What makes him run so fast?What makes him get his skill?
Its natural talent supported by his Nike SuperFly soccer cleats.What an awesome combination of skill and technology, is it not?

The Super Fly by Nike is the best football studs out there when it comes to the weight, speed and trickery possibilities.No other Football shoe can compare to it, it has the technology improvements over its predecessor Nike Mercurial Vapor.

The shoe is extremely lite and wraps perfectly around your foot, which is the two most important things in Running fast on a football field.

Here is an interview of Cristiano Ronaldo about his Nike Super Fly

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