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Salma Hayek Husband Fathered a Child with Linda Evangelista Supermodel Photos and Videos

Salma Hayek would be extremely shocked to know that her husband and French Businessman Francois Henri Pinault has fathered a child with Supermodel and the Hot Linda Evangelista and hence this action by Francois Henri Pinault and Evangelista has resulted in her 4 year old son Augustin James, who must be feeling awkward right about now.Let us hope at least for his sake that this issue blows over quickly and he can move on with his life as usual.

The New York Manhattan magistrate's court has ruled an action that confirms the rumors that French businessman and Millionaire Francois Henri Pinault is the father of Linda Evangelista's 4-year-old son, whose name is Augustin James.

This came as a Surprise even to the Paparazzi who were also shocked when they heard the news about Linda Evangelista and Francois Henri Pinault and Salma hayek.

I really do not understand why these celebs do these kind of stuff, why can't they just be normal?

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